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*Email with your enquiry, and the adoptions questionnaire(below), completed in as much detail as possible, so we can assess suitability of the dog for you/your family and ensure it is a good fit.
*Once the completed questionnaire is received, our adoptions team will respond by email, and following that, you will receive a phone call to discuss the dog in further detail, and answer any other questions you may have.
*The below information must be completed to progress with your application. We are looking for the most suitable family and home for each dog, and applications are only considered enquiries until we receive a completed questionnaire.
Thanks very much and we look forward to hearing from you!
Team H2H.

-Contact Number:
-Specific Dog, or type of dog, you’re interested in:
-People living where the dog will be (Number of people, any kids? Ages? etc):
-Brief description of the home/yard area (fencing type, shelter, any hazards e.g. pools, etc) and where the dog will live and sleep:
-Brief description of any experience with/understanding of working breed dogs, and why you want to adopt one?:
-Other animals? Ages? Desexed? Up to date on vaccinations?:
– Brief description of the day to day life the new dog would have with you (including time alone on an average day, exercise and mental stimulation etc.):
-Any other information you feel may be relevant and helpful to add for the application process?:
*** If you are applying to adopt a puppy/young dog and do not have any other dogs of your own for company; due to the needs of working breed puppies, please describe for us your proposed plans to ensure the puppy/young dog remains well socialised, is not lonely or bored and potentially developing bad behaviours while at home alone:

Mona, one of the puppies raised by, and adopted through H2H, after being dumped in her Mum's pregnant belly.

Mona, one of the puppies raised by, and adopted through H2H, after being dumped in her Mum’s pregnant belly.