Who are we?

Two crazy dog ladies with a similar passion for and love for working breed dogs hahaha…

Jennie and I hit it off as soon as we met and have the same thoughts and ideas in regards to rescuing dogs and educating along the way to change the way in which unwanted working dogs are treated.

We had common ideas on the way in which a resuce should run and conduct itself, and when we met in person we realised we are actually the same person and think the same about everything and now we finish each others sentences. So over a glass of wine one night, we decided it would be a good idea to put our common passion and experience to work for the greater good, and thus herd2homes dog rescue was born in July 2015.

We wanted a platform to help people to be able to help dogs, and to do it well. We very much wanted to create a supportive organisation where we can educate and learn with our volunteers along this great journey. We are hands on and can relate with our carers as we ourselves save dogs and foster them through to adoption, just as they do.


I grew up on a large mixed farming property in the Southern Riverina. For as long as i can remember I have had a love and fascination for all living things. I used to rescue animals of all kinds on the farm; injured birds, lizards and various other native wildlife, feral kittens and failed working dogs became my pets as a kid. Apparently when I was only about five years old, one day my brother and I had been adventuring down the back of the farm on our bikes with my border collie x kelpie, Polly, and we found a heap of puppies that I just had to save and put in my back pack and bring back home to the house. Dad was horrified when we produced not puppies, but a litter of fox kits from the backpack; so I guess you could say I’ve been rescuing dogs of all kinds from a young age!

Having spent most of my life on the farm, I have always been aware of the desperate situations farmers in remote, isolated locations unfortunately find themselves in. Be that with accidental litters, failed or retired working dogs and feeling there is only one option to deal with these working dogs. My vision is to work alongside our tough Aussie farmers to educate and support them to see there are alternatives available where these working breed dogs can go on to live happy and fulfilled lives in a variety of different homes and scenarios. I believe education and collaboration is where we need to start.

I have saved 44 working breed dogs and pups in the last year through fostering.




My dog obsession began at a very young age, and my Mum always knew I would end up doing something with animals, and called me Jennie Doolittle. One day Mum was watching me observe a police dog in training and bringing down fully grown men. Next minute she turns around and I’m cuddling it and rolling around with this beautiful dog(I waited for the ok to do this!).

In my twenties, I was helping run classes at the local dog obedience school in Sydney.  To this day, I am always reading about dog psychology and watching tutorials to learn more about their behaviour. In 2000, I started my own mobile dog washing service which I owned and operated for 10 years, whilst studying and learning to be a veterinary nurse, so i could work with and help dogs everyday.

I have been a vet nurse for the past 15 years, and in that time I have rehomed approximately 15 dogs to loving homes. I have fostered many also, while I found permanent homes for them.

I have rehomed through other rescue organisations approximately 80 dogs in the past two years. Being a fully trained  vet nurse I love to take in the pregnant females and assist in their whelping and nurturing of the puppies until they reach the age where they can be placed in loving homes, and have built a purpose made puppy and mum palace to accommodate them.

It has always been a dream of mine to run a dog shelter; but I thought I had to win the Lottery to be financial enough to start one of my own.  Its amazing how life can lead you to your dreams in other ways….

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