Name - Grant

Best Feature - Happy go lucky boy

About Me -

Hello, Grantos here! Happy as can be and always ready to party, and by that I mean, run and play, before sneaking in some cuddles with you!

As most kelpie puppies, I am energetic, playful and lively, always ready to put a smile on your face (or my foster brothers face, he has quite a grin when I lick his lips!).

I am a young fellow, but unfortunately I have not experienced much in my short time here on Earth. I spent the first few months of my life in a big farm yard, which was good fun, I was there with my brothers and sisters. But then I got moved, and suddenly there were cars, bikes, people, music and, and… Well, a lot of things I’m not so used to. But, my foster parents have made sure to take me to many new places, and they always carry nomme-noms, so I get more excited about exploring the world every day.
hat being said, I have lived with some other dogs now, and I loooove playing with them! We run and we jump and we bite each others faces. We eat together and respect each others spaces, then we run and play some more. I really would need to have someone else, with fur and four paws, to help build my confidence and keep me company. I get very sad when I’m
alone 🙁

Oh, I love to train! Nearly forgot to mention that! Sit, drop, come! So much fun. Working for nomme-noms is my favourite thing. You should take me to puppy school, where I get to meet others, learn more and grow as an individual and as a pup! As much as I enjoy staying with my foster parents – they have been very good and attentive with me – it is time for me to become a big boy, and find my own family. I am a loving little man, and I just need some late life socialisation, to become the bestest boy!

Will you love me, like I intend to love you? Please write in and ask for me!

Zoomies and licks from Grantos

Breed - Kelpie

Gender - Male

Age - 4 months

Location - Melbourne, VIC

Adoption Fee - $600

Desexed -

Vaccinated -

Worm & Flea Treatment -

Microchip Number - 978101082246785

Medical Notes -

QLD BIN # - BIN0000734476068

VIC Source # - EE100433

NSW Rehoming # - R251000045

Adoption Application

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