Name - Peppa

Best Feature - Social Butterfly 🦋

About Me -

Hey guys, I’m Peppa. I’m a 19month-old female black and tan kelpie who is full of joy and exuberance.

Funny story:
For the first 18months of my life, I was a working dog. Hilarious, right? Because I was MADE for this suburban life! Sheep are ok, but all I want to do is hang out with my people. I love all the humans – the big ones, the little ones, the boy ones, the girl ones… they’ve all got hands (or feet, I’m not fussy) and I’ll get my head under them somehow for a pat.

Me in a nutshell:
Driving somewhere? I’m in.
Walking somewhere? I’m totally in.
Sitting on the couch watching telly? I’m so in, I’m in your lap if you let me!
Need a cuddle? Me too, I’m dying for one.

My past life as a working dog means I know my name, I never go too far from my foster mum off-leash, I’m always looking back and waiting up for her, and I have awesome recall. (Sometimes I think she calls me back for fun and to teach the resident dog a thing or two, but shhh… don’t tell him that) Out in public, I’m a social butterfly and I love meeting new people and dogs. I am still learning how to be a polite family member – foster mum reckons I’m doing an excellent job – she is always very clear about what is allowed and what’s not which helps a lot 🙌🏻

I am excited to find my forever home. Most kinds of families would suit me as long as they understand the mental and physical stimulation needs of my breed and are committed to ongoing training. Since I am a pretty sociable kind of gal, I would love to have siblings (doggy and/or human) but most of all I’d like a family who will love me and include me in their lives.

If this sounds like you, then please send in your email application now!

Love and licks,


Breed - Kelpie

Gender - Female

Age - 18 months

Location - NSW

Adoption Fee - $450

Desexed -

Vaccinated -

Worm & Flea Treatment -

Microchip Number -

Medical Notes -

BIN Number (QLD) -

Adoption Application

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