River *Application Pending*

Name - River

Best Feature - Affectionate and social

About Me -

Hi my name is “River” and I am a Kelpie X Cattle girl. I am 12 weeks of age but growing very quickly as you can see in my photo with one of my ears have just popped, so proud!

My foster mummy says that I am the “PERFECT family puppy” and I am very proud of that. I am very loyal to my family and just love running around playing with my brother and step-sister. I sleep outside with my brother (he does snore a bit) but I love him and he really loves me because he never leaves me alone! But I do love to come inside and just lay with my family and watch TV.

Apparently, I am getting better each day on the lead, foster mummy keeps on praising me with treats so I just love pleasing her. I am a very quick learner as I have already learnt to sit and my re-call is getting better! I’m trying so hard to sit and wait for my dinner until foster mummy says “OK” but it is so very hard because it smells so yummy. I love being next to foster mum’s side, I follow her ever where and we do lots of gardening together.

If you are looking for a working pup to train up, a hobby working dog, or an agility, obedience or flyball champ; then I’m your girl! If you think you can give me the physical and mental stimulation to keep me a happy content little girl, and the training to ensure I keep growing up into a well adjusted adult dog, then please email my foster mum now! I am so ready to meet a loving and caring family that I can call my own!

Love, River

Breed - Australian Cattle Dog x Kelpie

Gender - Female

Age - 12 weeks

Location - Sydney, 2000

Adoption Fee - $600

Desexed -

Vaccinated -

Worm & Flea Treatment -

Microchip Number - 991003000223383

Medical Notes -

BIN Number (QLD) -

Adoption Application

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