Name - Spinner

Best Feature - Happy, smiley boy!

About Me -

Hey humans, my names Spinner!

My tail just keeps going when I’m happy, it’s how I got my name. And Its always going too as I’m such a happy guy.

I have adapted to suburban life really well. I love being around people and getting pats. I’m really happy just following you around and hanging out.

I’m still getting used to waking on a lead but my progress on this has been amazing. As with my training, I now sit very well and come when called. Why wouldn’t I? it means I get pats! I am friendly to other dogs, I currently live with 2 other dogs.

I’m looking for a family that is going to include me in everything, after all, dogs are family aren’t they? I would love to keep up with my training, especially with someone who can continue to help me with my boundaries.

If this sounds like you please apply, I can’t wait to hear all about you.

Love and licks,


Breed - Kelpie

Gender - Male

Age - 2 years old

Location - Brisbane, QLD

Adoption Fee - $450

Desexed -

Vaccinated -

Worm & Flea Treatment -

Microchip Number -

Medical Notes -

BIN Number (QLD) -

Adoption Application

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