Name - Teddy

Best Feature - Intelligent and athletic boy

About Me -

Teddy is a tall athletic Kelpie x who loves a run in the morning and can keep pace with the very best marathon trainer. Once he has had his run, he is happy to settle for the rest of the day.

Teddy is getting into his training, he can walk on lead but he prefers running. He is crate trained for sleeping inside at night. Happy to live outside if you prefer, just need shelter and protection but would definitely prefer to be an inside boy and share your life with you.

No issues at all with travelling, easy care coat, love to play with the water coming out of the hose – can help you water the garden like a pro!! Teddy is pretty easy going, as long as there is not heaps of activity from other jumpy dogs going on around him. Loves all humans, big and small.

Teddy would suit a large property to run around in or a small property with an athletic owner who will take him for a morning run. He needs that morning burn off and then can stay home and protect your house.

A quiet environment without external stimulation would suit him best. He can live with another quiet older dog but not boisterous playful ones. Teddy has been tested with smaller animals and has a desire to chase them.

Teddy will bond best with you if you continue to train with him and lead him into how you see your life together.

Breed - Kelpie x

Gender - Male

Age - 2 years

Location - Victoria

Adoption Fee - $500

Desexed -

Vaccinated -

Worm & Flea Treatment -

Microchip Number - 953010003450870

Medical Notes -

QLD BIN # - BIN0000734476068

VIC Source # - EE100433

NSW Rehoming # - R251000045

Adoption Application

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