Do I need to have a big backyard to adopt a working breed dog?
Most of our working breed dogs can be rehomed to active and committed families and do not need to be out on large properties; a lot of people still don’t understand this concept; with the right exercise, mental stimulation through training, obedience and games, along with time with their family, most working breed dogs will live out a happy and content life in suburbia.
Can I adopt a started dog or a part-time worker?
We in the process of getting up and running our working working dog program, which will see us instinct test those dogs who show potential, and then train them up with basic skills on sheep to then rehome them as workers and family members or part time workers/full time best friends. We have just rehomed a lovely three year old kelpie girl to a dairy farm where she will be a part time worker and full time smooch! We are constantly getting new dogs in to care of various abilities, so if you would like to express your interest in adopting a working potential dog from us, please email

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