Herd2homes Dog Rescue Incorporated may collect and store some personal contact information via our website, email or other online forums, in order to comply with our volunteer management principles and reporting requirements, or to assess suitability for adoption and volunteering, and their procedures.

Where a transaction such as dog adoption or fostering takes place entirely online and/or over the phone, we may request identification as well as contact details, to confirm your identity and that you are a real person, however we will not store these details long term or for any other purpose.

Herd2homes Dog Rescue Inc. will not sell or disclose your information overseas or to third parties, for any purpose, other than those relating to the everyday business and running or Herd2homes Dog Rescue Inc.; for example, to the internal committee members for complaint handling or decision making, to the national animal register database for change of ownership dog microchips, or our own adoption contracts for our records and reminders, or to our rescue partners in order to complete transactions. We will store this information digitally via a secure online storage provider, and/or physical copies, if provided in that transaction. Herd2homes Dog Rescue Inc. may supply your contact details as advised, to our internal volunteers or rescue partners, when arranging checks or dog collections and handovers, for the purpose of communicating between you and the volunteer, and will not be used or disclosed outside normal business functions.

Individuals have the right of access to their personal information and request its correction. The Public Officer, Peri Chappell, may be contacted in regard to any requests for access to and correction of personal information or at PO BOX 566, Deniliquin, NSW 2710, and on 0258846647. The Public Officer can be contacted, in writing, to lodge any complaints regarding the Privacy Act, or any other relevant complaints. 

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