Along with saving dogs from pounds and shelters, a big part of herd2homes is working with farmers to change the way in which they deal with their unwanted or failed working dogs, and accidental litters. 

Farmers lives and livelihoods are completely different and not something you can understand from behind a desk. This goes for their valued working dogs too. Our goal is not to judge, but to educate and provide another option for failed or unwanted working dogs on properties, than death, as often this is the only option to deal with them in the eyes of the farmer.

We are here to give farmers another option, which then allows the working dog a happy and content forever life and a family a loving, intelligent companion who is loyal like no other. Every time we save a dog from a working property or puppies from a litter, the other dogs are offered free desexing, at our expense. Not everyone takes this offer up, but change does not come about overnight.

If you wish to surrender your dog please click Surrender and follow the prompts.

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